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Human Resources Team

HR Office:  Processing/ Employee Help Desk
Secretariat Office:   Retirement/Service Records
Treasury Office:   Payroll/Insurance/Risk Management
James Lamb
Human Resources Director
Olivia Morrison
Administrative Secretary
David A. Smith
Executive Vice President
Ortrene Gordon
Administrative Assistant
Merkita Mosley
Francine Martin
Under Treasurer
Vanessa Gracia
Benefits Coordinator
Gwen Waters
Administrative  Assistant

About Us

The South Atlantic Conference believes people are a great resource in the mission to fulfill the Gospel commission.  The Human Resource team assist employees and the organization in the many aspects of ministry in the churches, schools, and communities of our conference.

The HR department develops and implements employment practices, policies and programs covering employment, placement, wages, employee orientation, training, benefits and background checks in accordance with denominational policies and government laws and regulations.

It is our goal to attract, develop, and retain exceptional workers for God in the service of our conference constituents.

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Background Checks Click here for instructions
Young people are an essential part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s ministry. Keeping them safe  is one of the highest priorities for those involved in ministry.  A necessary tool in protecting children and youth is the screening process that should be conducted on all volunteers and employees who work with young people.    The North American Division Working Policy indicates that a screening process is required for all adults over the age of 18, involved in any capacity in children’s and youth ministries and activities, and all church ministry leaders and officers voted or appointed by the local church.

The South Atlantic Conference and its churches and schools do employee and volunteer background checks through the Sterling Volunteers program. (Please note: This is a replacement program for Shield the Vulnerable and the Adventist Church no longer uses that program.)

  • Background checks cover three years.  At the end of the three years, the background check process must be repeated. The Child Protection Course must be repeated as well.

Locally Funded Employees
In the ministry of the Church, the local school or church facilities may require additional staff who are funded on the local level.  These persons are considered Locally Funded Employees.  Although their employment is needed at the local administration level, any persons working for pay within a church or school in the South Atlantic Conference should have their payroll administered at the by the Conference treasurer staff.

To insure all locally funded persons are processed properly and remunerated correctly, complete the Locally Funded Employee Request form.  After evaluation, our office will collaborate with the church or school to determine whether person is an exempt or non-exempt employee, part-time or full-time, and offered the correct salary.

The prospective employee will then complete the necessary paperwork and the instructions for the submitting payroll will be shared with the local treasurer/accountant.
Click here for the LFE Request Form

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